Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

Ecommerce is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get your product into the market without the hassles of the traditional distribution channels. However, the low barrier of entry means huge competition and in this competitive field, there is no space for mistakes.

Let’s look at the common mistakes made by online sellers and how you can avoid them :

Poor Customer Communication

This is one of the biggest mistakes that many online sellers commit and in turn creates bad “word of mouth” publicity. Timely updates at all stages of the shopping process as well as quick responses to customer concerns will go a long way in creating a loyal customer base.

Some of the elementary updates customers expect from an online store are :

* Order and payment confirmation with invoice

* Shipping information with associated tracking codes

* Prior phone call before delivery

* Product delivery confirmation and request for feedback

Encourage customers to get in touch with support for any clarifications and mention the support phone / email in every communication with the customers.

Not Enough Product Information

Your e-commerce portal is your showroom to the customer. Many online sellers make the mistake of not providing enough information about the product. Using low resolution images of the product or not providing enough description about the product, its usage, advantages, user reviews, etc. creates a negative shopping experience for the users. Customers are always bombarded with choices and will not think twice on passing your offer and buy from a competitor.

Some of the most important elements of a good product page are :

* Product images and videos

* Product description with specifications and benefits

* Shipping charges

* Delivery timelines

* Price and other charges

* Return policy and other conditions

Though the above details are a must have on every product page, I would also advise to include the following content sections on the product page to make the user confident about his decision :

* Product Usage and Installation Guide

* User reviews

* Demo Tutorials

* Press / Media Coverage

Difficult Checkout Process

Most people prefer online shopping for its ease of use and for this reason the customer should not have any obstacles in their shopping experience on your online store. Some common complications to the checkout process include :

* Hidden shipping / handling charges

* Hidden taxes

* Compulsory registration

* Having to add billing and shipping address for each purchase

Lack of Consistent Branding and Digital Presence

Your online store is your virtual showroom and it should be a place where your professionalism and commitment to the customer is prominent. Consistent color schemes across all your online touch points and a uniform digital presence will make a great impression on your customers.

* Consistent shopping experience on mobile, desktop and tablets

* Have a predefined color schemes in all your outreach channels like email, social media, blog

* Prominently display your unique selling points and information on secure shopping process

* Use the same brand name on all social media channels

* Use same brand guidelines online as you use in your offline stores or marketing collaterals

As online commerce grows, the above mistakes will prove expensive for online sellers as shoppers are willing to take their business elsewhere. But armed with the above mentioned fixes for each problem, you can take your online store to the next level and build a database of loyal customers.


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